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... Super Nintendo ... Sega ... That's all.
~ The Mummy's spell

The Mummy is the main antagonist of Eddsworld episode Ruined. He is a bandaged corpse and the only seen part of his body is a red eye, showing out of a parting in his bandages. He can performs spells to awake other mummies to use them as soldiers. He also can't be hurt by fire, because it only burns his bandage and not bones under it. He is voiced by Steve Gregson.



When Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord enter the secret ruins under their backyard, their steps awake the Mummy that comes out of the sarcophagus and starts to follow the gang. Later, the gang walks in the big room where a locked chest is placed. Edd guesses they need a key. The Mummy with a key around his neck then appears behind them and say some weird words, making everyone stare at him. Suddenly, two more mummies rise up from the ground. All mummies then attack the gang. Screaming Matt jumps in Tord's arms and they watch in horror as two mummies are coming closer and closer to them. Tom then hits the mummies with two smirnoff bottles. Meanwhile, Edd throws his torch at the Mummy, but it only burns his bandages, leaving only Mummy's skeleton. The Skeleton becomes angry and punches Edd into a column. He starts laughing, but the column falls on him and crushes him totally. The key lands on Edd's lap and the gang unlocks the chest, only to open the secret trap door under them and fall down.


  • When the Mummy starts saying weird words, you can hear him say "Super Nintendo", "Sega" and in the end "That's all".
  • Although he looks like a mummy, his body wasn't mummified, because there are only bones under his bandages.

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