Look kid, I'll give I'll give you a break - I'll count to three, then if you're not gone.. I'll TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!
~ The Mouse

The Mouse appears near the end of the story and acts as the main villain after the tiger Raja is frightened away.

A bully who by nature the Mouse is very aggressive (in contrast to most depictions of mice) and mean-spirited, enjoying nothing more than terrorising the elephants.

However when Goliath II arrives he is not scared of the Mouse due to his special status, having been born abnormally small for an elephant he was almost the same size as the Mouse and thus wasn't afraid of him (a case of irony since the much larger elephants were deadly afraid of the rodent).

The Mouse was confused at this but quick to anger and threatened to attack Goliath II if he didn't run away, the little elephant refused to run away from the Mouse and he attacked - even going as far as trying to toss Goliath II to a hungry crocodile.

However in the end Goliath II would get the better of the Mouse and grabbed him by the tail, threatening to feed him to the crocodile instead - when the Mouse finally admitted defeat Goliath II let him go and the tiny terror never bothered him or the other elephants again.