Please! I did this for you. The task of our people is past. The tree grows weak.
~ The Mourning King

The Mourning King is the most recent and presumably last King of Ahura that out of love for his daughter decides to become a Corrupted to bring her back to life by striking a deal with Ahriman.


Years before the start of the game, the King had lost his wife and as a result went into a depression. This depression combined with his tribe dying out, started have doubt in his god, Ormazd the God of Light. Years later his daughter, Elika, while trying to find a way to keep Ahriman trapped by seeing if the Fertile Grounds told of a way, had died in the process. That is when Ahriman made him a deal: In return for freeing Ahriman, he would resurrect Elika. This is a deal that the king took and used his sword to destroy the dark God's prison. Once Elika was revived she realized what her father had done and fled from her tribe. Hearing this angered the King so he demanded his people to bring her back to him. When she is returns he pleads she joins him to no avail.

Angered he fights Prince before finally being defeated. Throughout the game he occasionally returns always in a more corrupted state then before begging Elika to understand and finally join him so they could live together in the new world once Ahriman takes absolute control only to constantly be rejected though she does show forgiveness for why he he accepted the deal. After being defeated for the final time he escapes the cleansing by jumping into the Corruption below and isn't seen for the rest of the game.


Due to losing his wife and eventually his daughter he grew to hate Ormazd due to seeing him as a cruel God that took away all he ever loved. Despite this he does keep serving him until Ahriman promises to bring his daughter back to life and now faithfully serves his new God. Granted he is shown to still love his daughter and often ask for her to join Ahriman so they won't ever be separated again. He tries to justify his actions by pointing out the prison wouldn't hold him for much longer anyways.

Powers and Abilities

As a normal human he is shown to be a master swordsmen and warrior that gives even Prince a hard time. Later on as a Corrupted he maintains his free will along with having his strength and durability increased making him even more dangerous. As a Corrupted he also gains a form of immortality where he could only die if his soul was cleansed.