Cold prey
The "Mountain Man" is the slasher and central antagonist of the 2006 Norwegian Horror/Slasher movie Cold Prey and its 2 sequels. He is a large man who lives in the mountains and is dressed in white mountain hiking gear.


The Mountain Man was a child with a birthmark covering one of his eyes. His parents often abused him, chasing him and burying him alive on the snow. The abuse by his parents developes psychopathic tendencies on the boy, he ran away from his home and often skinned animals alive before killing them, eventually he became a serial killer of unwary travelers.


He managed to find an abandoned hotel and stayed there where , from where he would watch his potential victims. Five unluck traverels Eirik; the oldest, who has a mature sense of duty; Jannicke, Eirik's strong-willed girlfriend; Mikal, the 'cool' guy of the group; Ingunn, Mikal's girlfriend who's not too sure of herself; and Morten Tobias, the jokester and entertainer of the group are found by him after Tobias breaks his leg when skying and search refuge on the abandoned hotel inhabited by the killer. Eventually they are stalked and killed one by one, eventually the only surivor was Jannicke who was playing dead while watching the killer disposing the bodies of his friends on deep fissure on the ice, Jannicke then engaged on a fight with the mountain man and stabbed him with his own pickaxe and dropping him on the fissure.

Afterwards Jannicke was found by a man named Ole who brings her to a hospital, where she told her story to the police, this results on they finding the bodies of her friend as well as the mountain man, although they found a much higher number of victims frozen on the ice. Suddenly the mountain man shows signs of life and doctors succesfully resucitate him, much to the horror of Jannicke. Then he goes on a killing spree on the hospital, killing a guard, a doctor and police officers who were attempting to stop him. Then Jannicke managed to find the abandoned hotel and again engaged on a fight with the killer, being nearly killed she was saved by Camilla who shot the mountain man with a shotgun that was used by Ole. Then after defeaiting the killer, Jannicke fired a shotgun blast to his head to make sure he dies this time.