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The Mother is an ancient being that appears as the main antagonist of the series "TomorrowsHarvest" and "PerpetuationOrder".


In ancient times, many believed Mother's Cry to be a warning that a big change was inbound. These stories however only existed as folk tales told across the continents.

While the Mother never really appears in physical form, it definitely makes itself known (i.e The Siren). The Siren, or Mother's Cry, can be heard from miles away. Only some hear it however. The Siren is said to cause great depression among those who hear it and if an individual was exposed to the Siren for a long period of time, it leads to mental degradation, suicide or complete insanity.

On rarer occurrences however, it is said to soothe the individual. Radio Towers, are said to be a way to transmit the Siren. From a distance, the sheer volume of the Siren is less of an impact to the individual. If said individual is close to the transmitter, the Siren is said to deafen the individual and render them unconscious which in turn "returns" them to their previous state.

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