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Montano Cartel

The Montano Cartel Symbol that appears on all of their vehicles.

The Montano Cartel is a Fictional Cartel in Just Cause 1. Their Archrivals are the Rioja's (Rioja Cartel) and will stop at nothing to see you (Rico), The Agency (Your Employer), and The Rioja Cartel (Allied Cartel) dead.

Montano Alert

The Symbol that is in your alert box for warning you when you are wanted by the Montano Cartel or not.


  • The Montano Cartel use the same guns as the Allied Guerilla's in Just Cause 1
  • Their symbol is 2 M's jointed together, which may have been a symbol of 2 Montano Leaders before present day 


It is unknown the extent of their allies, but the San Espireto Police and Presedente Medoza's Military do recognize and assist them in any conflict they can.


Little is known about the Montano Cartel's history other than it advanced greatly in power when Presedente Mendoza came to power and has flourished since.