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The Monster is the main antagonist for the first season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

It was portrayed by Mark Steger.


The Monster was first chronologically seen by El whose instincts strongly urged her to stay away from the monster. Dr. Brenner ignored her fears, pushed El to make contact and was indirectly responsible for creating a way for the monster to enter the real world.

The Monster is strongly attracted to blood: when Barbara bled into a pool, the Monster quickly took her into its world and killed her. Nancy and Jonathan later exploited the Monster's attraction to blood to ambush it. Despite shooting it, beating it and even torching it, the beast survived and slipped away: when it intended to eat Dustin, Lucas and Mike , El used her powers to rip apart the Monster, but also vanished herself in the process.


The Monster is tall and thin. Its "face" has no eyes and opens like a flower to reveal nothing but teeth. It bears clawed feet and hands.


  • It's listed on IMDb as simply "The Monster".
  • Due to no one knowing its true name, it is referred to as the Demogorgon by Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven.
  • Its true motive and intentions for its kidnapped victims were never reveled, however it was most likely just a predatory creature looking for food.
  • It's incredibly tough, able to withstand massive amounts of bullets. Even so, it's not invincible, as fire greatly wounded it.
  • Episode six, "The Bathtub", is the only episode of season one that it does not appear.
  • So far, it seems to be the only sentient being in the Upside Down, other than those captured by it.

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