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Ever since his debut in WWE one thing has always been constant about The Miz, he was always complete and total douche bag, and loved it, when he first started wrestling The Miz would brag about going on an undefeated Streak, really by default, from their he went on to ECW where he would take on a role of having control over the ECW Vixens, and antagonize anyone who shows interest in getting to know them better, he would mistreat them in a disrespectful manner, and would terminate them if he didn't get his way The Miz also a bit of an image simular to Shawn Michaels, having numorous tag team partners only to betray every last one of them in the end, through out his WWE Career The Miz has obtained success, from winning the World Tag Team Titles with John Morrison, to singles success as the United States champion, to winning Money In the Bank to even reaching the penticale of the buissness becoming the WWE Champion, but his most recent success came when he became a legit Triple Crown Champion winning the WWE Intercontintal Championship.


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