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  The Misfit is the main antagonist of the short story "A Good Man is Far to Find" by Flannery 'O Connor.


The Misfit was a dangerous criminal who escaped from prison and was heading towards Florida. Bailey's family ended up in a car accident when they attempted to find the house that Grandmother told the children about. They later flag down a car, and out came three men. The Grandmother immediately identified a shirtless man as The Misfit. He then commands his two colleagues to take Bailey and his son John into the woods. He then started a conversation with the Grandmother. The colleagues then return after successfully shooting them and took the other members of the family to repeat the same thing. The Grandmother then tried to plead for her own life to no avail. Before he shot her, she told him that he was one of her own children. When one of the accomplices was apathetic about the murders they committed, The Misfit stated that there should've been someone in the Grandmother's life to shoot her at every minute. He also claimed that he murdered his own father, his father actually died of a influenza epedemic.