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(El Poderoso Cheetar in Spanish) The Mighty Cheetar is Grandpapi's grandfather, Justice Jaguar's father, Rodolfo's great-grandfather, and Manny's great-great grandfather. He was known Scourge of the Seven Seas (Teror delos Siete Mares in Spanish) due to his numerous and infamous acts of piracy that he carried out during his life. He speaks with a pirate accent.

Puma Loco says he nearly ruled the world with just a steam Mecha-Suit.


White hair, gold tooth, steam-powered mechasuit (made, no less, of bricks), eyepatch.


Similar to Puma Loco and Dark Leopard's


He plundered various ships as a pirate.


  • Puma Loco once used the Mighty Cheetar suit against El Oso, when Manny and Frida stole his Sombrero in the episode Puma Licito.
    File:Con shot cheetar.jpg
  • Puma Loco seems to admire his grandfather greatly, even regarding him as a model of supervillain.

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