Jeremy Joshka, also known as The Messenger, is the main and later secondary antagonist of the Slenderverse series, MmzAvp, and the main antagonist of the spin-off blog, The Eye of Am. He is a loyal servant of the demonic entity named Zalgo.


He is the brother of Lorraine Joshka, the woman responsible for discovering the Nazi Conspiracy and the Government Conspiracy. However, he was either captured by another follower of Zalgo or succumbed all on his own. Becoming what he is now, he is a hollow shell with an attitude and a twisted sense of humor that obeys every whim of his Master through the Nezperdian hive-mind. He is the one who brings the claim that the world will end but never tells us how Zalgo will escape into the real world. It has been shown in the Eye of Am Research blog that the seals of Am Dhaegar appear to have some effect on Zalgo and the Messenger. The Messenger is also actively aggressive and even violent, such as stabbing Erick in the back, travelling up to Maine and assaulting Agent Sarah and even threatening Victor.