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"Imagine, an intelligence captive yet aware for tens of thousands of years!" -Dr Grove's comment on the Matriarch

The Matriarch is the Queen of the Xenomorphs in Alien vs. Predator (2010). She has what look like battle scars on her crest and is grayer than most other Xenomorph Queens because she is much older.



The Matriarch was captured by Hunters and taken to the pyramid. The Weyland-Yutani corporation, a company that seeks to use Xenomorphs as bio-weapons, discovered her and imprisoned her. She was kept by the corporation for several millenia.


The Matriarch laid eggs that hatched into Xenomorphs. One Xenomorph, Specimen Six, proved more intelligent than the others and was about to be put down by Dr. Groves but he was stopped by Kark Bishop Weyland. The Matriarch called to Specimen Six to save her, but she was gassed and knocked out in the process of rescuing the Queen. Specimen Six managed to escape again due to a power failure, and she managed to free the Matriarch and all the other Xenomorphs. They fled the facility to find a place to establish a hive.


The Xenomorphs made a hive in the refinery and overran the facility. The Rookie stumbled upon the Matriarch in her hive and several eggs were opened, unleashing facehuggers upon him. He managed to kill them and set fire to the hive, burning the Matriarch to death. This painfully stunned all of the Xenomorphs, and Specimen Six was captured. However, she escaped and murdered everyone before evolving into a Praetorian and then a Queen.

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