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For the glory of our house!
~ The Masters main quote.

The Masters are the 11th boss in the video game Madworld. Both of them are Ranked 5th on Deathwatch.


The Masters are a team of duo fighters. One of them is older, and the other one is much younger. they both have electro-tubes and their bodies and wield electro-swords.


The Master are the second boss in Area 66. Jack Cayman fight both of them at the same time. They both wield electro-sword, and use them form dual combat. they also use electromagnetism to move metallic objects around the battle field. During the power struggle, The Masters are at opposite ends to the battle field with Jack Cayman in the middle. They both use their electromagnetism to lift freights and attempt to crush Jack. Jack manages to overpower the freights, cut them in two and have the masters electrocute themselves. After the Masters are defeated, Jack grabs one of the Masters, and stabs him with his chainsaw. Doing so one of the Masters use electromagnetism on the other Master. Jack then move the stabbed Master from side to side, forcing the other Master to be slammed into some metal objects. Jack then tosses the Masters together, causing them to explode.



  • The Masters are a parody to Star Wars. the older Master greatly resembles Obi-Wan Kenobi while the younger one resembles Anakin Skywalker. The both use Electro-sword that resemble Lightsabers, and they use electromagnetism, which greatly resemble the Force. On top of that before the fight begins, a sign says; Use the For- Magnets and stop the Masters., It's likely the sign was about to say "Use the Force".
  • The Masters share the same Health Bar despite there being two of them.
  • The younger one appears to be a bit weaker and easier to hit than the older one.