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One time Robby Reed's H dial rusted and when he turned into his hero forms, he would turn out a villain. After a fight with Plastic Man he reverts back to his human form.

During a fight with the villain Shrikon Robby accidently dials S-P-L-I-T which splits him into a villain side; The Master and a hero side; The Wizard. The Wizard creates two more H dials which end up in the hands of Chris King In time they are able to find out that many of their villains are coming from one villain; The Master Robby's evil form. Eventually The Master is able to get his hands on Chris's dial and temporaly turns into the hero Mr. Jupiter. In the end Chris King and Vicki Grant fought the Master and he trapped them. However they used Robby's old H dial to revert him back to his normal self, effectivley ending The Master and The Wizard.

He never transforms into The Master again.


While using the H dial Robby can turn into any hero or villain. As the Master he can create various villains out of cell samples from random people.

The Master's Army

An organized army of the Master's minions. Upon their defeat they were taken to S.T.A.R. Labs for studying.

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Robby finally being cured