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TMIB, watching something off-screen

The Man in Blue is (arguably) the main antagonist of Jasper Byrne's 2012 independent horror game Lone Survivor. He is the exact opposite of the Man Who Wears a Box, who is a wise pacifist. Not much is known about him, but it is suggested that he is not real, and is in the Protagonist's head, as he mainly appears in his dreams, despite never meating him before (So says the Lone Survivor).


As said above, he wears a blue sweatshirt along with black pants. He also bears a strinking visual resemblance to the Lone survivor, the only difference being that he's not wearing a mask, and has white hair. He has 3 sprites in the game, one where he's standing up, another where he's sitting  on a chair, and another seen at your first encounter, him laughing at you.


His personality can be somewhat difficult to track at first, but overall he has shown himself to be violent and possibly psychotic. While the Man Who Wears a Box supplies the Lone Survivor with food, The Man in Blue supplies him with ammo for his pistol, and goes on to encourage him to kill anything that stands in the way, despite the fact that you can always get pass them without resorting to violence. However, he is never seen fighting anything, but this is probably because of either god-like powers, or because of the possibility of him not existing.

Events in Lone Survivor

At the beginning of the game, after grabbing the flashlight and turning it on, he shows up, appearing to be laughing at the player.

He doesn't appear much throughout the course of the game in through the beginning to the end, unless you take the blue pill. If you do so, next time you go to bed, you'll have a dream with him and The Lone Survivor sitting down. He will ask you questions and make remarks, often mocking or even downright insulting the player. He's nowhere to be seen in the green (Good) ending, but in blue and red (Everage and bad) endings, he's seen again. In the blue ending, the Lone survivor tries to figure out who he is, but the Man in Blue gives know answers. Most likely out of desperation and anger, the Lone Survivor shoots him, but it des nothing, and he just laughs at him, telling him to "try harder". He is then seen with A girl wearing a blue dress in a field. In the red ending, it's the exact same, except it ends with The Lone Survivor ending up with a bullethole in his chest as well, and he turns into the man in Blue, implying he committed suicide.