The Magnificent Ten (十傑集 or 十傑衆 in Japanese) are a group of powerful psychic warriors who lead the super-powerful crime syndicate of Big Fire in the Giant Robo anime. With their immense power and influence, the Magnificent Ten lead Big Fire in its attempts at world domination. The are super A-grade agents who possesses their own various super powers.

While Lord Big Fire spends most of his time hibernating, The Magnificent Ten runs and operates Big Fire organization along with Shokatsu Komei. Only Nine Heavenly King of international police organization possess powers to oppose The Magnificent Ten. Other than serving Lord Big Fire and working for the Big Fire organization members have nothing in common. This leads each members move on their own beliefs and accords, which is very unique given the fact acting for the sake of the organization is a must. But that is allowed so long as their independent is considered beneficial to the Big Fire.

With the exception of Doki and Alberto other members are forbidden to possess their own private army.

Interestingly, even though Shokatsu Komei is virtually a spokesperson for the Lord Big Fire ranks between the two sides are not always clear cut and unilateral. Although each members are responsible for separate operation they run, when the project become big enough to affect Big Fire they all share the burden of the project (such as GR Project).


Each member of the Ten has a different background and unique abilities. The Ten's member's are as follows. With the exception of their relationship with Big Fire all members are equal in terms of statuses.

  • Hanzui - Also known as the "Dark Messiah", Hanzui is the current head of the Magnificent Ten, a role that he received after the death of Cervantes. He is a master of sorcery and carries a number of ornamental Chinese coins which are enchanted and can be weilded as weapons. Supposedly, Hanzui can also warp reality itself.
  • Old Man Kawarazaki - The oldest member of the Ten and their former leader. He was succeeded by Hanzui after the death of Dazzling Cervantes, and has maintained his position as Big Fire's Chief of Staff. He possesses powerful telekinetic abilities and can even control the weather.
  • Red Mask - His real name is unknown. What is known is that he has weaker psychic abilities than the other members of the Magnificent Ten, but makes up for it with his unnatural ninja talents. In Episode 6 of the OVA, he controls a giant stone golem called Big Gold and leads an attack on Ryosempakku, the HQ of the Experts of Justice.
  • Dazzling Cervantes - Cervantes the Dazzling was once a member of the Oil Dollar Society along with his friend Alberto. They joined the ranks of Big Fire when the organization took over their group and eventually rose to become members of the Magnificent Ten. Cervantes was killed in battle by Taisou, one of Interpol's Experts of Justice.
  • Shocking Alberto - Also known as Alberto the Impact. Alberto is the most frquently appearing member of the Magnificent Ten in the Giant Robo OVA. He is easily recognized by his unusual hairstyle, cybernetic eyepatch and he always has a cigar in his mouth. He possesses the ability to project powerful shockwaves that can devastate his surroundings and annihilate any enemy. During Operation: Earth Stands Still, he was assigned to Genya and attempted to acquire the third Shizuma Drive sample so that Genya could unleash the Eye of Folger's full power. He was betrayed by Genya, however, and actually helped Daisaku Kusama and Giant Robo in Episode 7 of the OVA by absorbing the energy surrounding the Eye of Folger. This act resulted in Alberto's death.
  • Descendant Lord Doki - A silent member of the Ten and a master of martial arts. He commands a group of assassins called the Keppuren clan and joins the assault on Ryosempakku in Episode 6.
  • Zangetsu - Almost nothing is known about Zangetsu; his position in Big Fire and his powers are a complete mystery. It's believed he can manipulate the elements, but such abilities were not displayed in the OVA.
  • Fabulous Fitzkerald - Easily recognized by his red hair and white tuxedo. Fitzkerald can be considered the hitman of the Magnificent Ten. His mannerisms are unique among the Ten and he comes across as rather "happy-go-lucky". He has the incredible ability to shoot incredibly fast projectiles by snapping his fingers. These projectiles can slice anything and anyone to pieces instantly. He joined the assault on Ryosempakku in the OVA's sixth episode, but found himself partially fused with a rock after Ginrei used her teleportation power to transport the entire base. Though he survived the transport, Fitzkerald was executed by Red Mask for failing to retrieve the Shizuma sample.
  • Jujoji - A master of Taoism and other mystic arts. Jujoji is recognized by his Buddhist robes and his red eyes. He collects magical artifacts from around the world and one such item - the Bell of Life - is his weapon of choice.
  • Yuki of the Twilight - A pale-skinned man with scruffy hair. He often goes by the title of "commander of insects" due to his ability to control swarms of insects. He can even transform himself into a swarm of bugs, which appear to be miniature versions of him with gossamer wings sprouting from his back.