Generations locked away, my revenge shall have its day!
~ The Lumberjack Ghost
150 years ago this day, the Northwests asked us lumber folk to to build them a mansion atop the hill. We were told it would be a service to the town, that once a year they'd throw a grand party, and all would share in the bounty. It took years of backbreaking labor and sacrifice, but when it was time for the grand party they promised the common folk of the town, they refused to let us in. With the trees gone the mudslides began. While they partied and laughed, I was swept away by the storm. And so I said with final breath: '150 years I'll return from death. And if the gates still closed to town, wealthy blood will stain the ground.' A curse passed down till this day.
~ The Lumberjack Ghost's backstory

Archibald Corduroy is the secondary antagonist of the Gravity Falls episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery", with Preston as the main antagonist. He was a lumberjack who helped build the Northwest Manor and was later swore vengeance after being betrayed by the Northwest family.

Although not explicitly stated, he is almost certainly an ancestor of the show's supporting protagonist Wendy Corduroy, due to having the same last name as her and bearing something of a resemblance to her father, Manly Dan Corduroy.


The ghost was originally a lumberjack and construction worker who, 150 years before the events of the episode, was one of many lumberjacks who agreed to help build the Northwest mansion. Nathaniel Northwest had promised the lumberjacks that their contribution would be a service to the town, in the form of a grand annual party for the rich and common folk to share (presumably this promise was made in lieu of payment). The work took many years and many of the ghost's friends died in its construction, but eventually the mansion was complete. However when he and the others returned to the mansion to accept their payment, the Northwests went back on their deal and wouldn't let them in.

While many of his friends left, the lumberjack continued to furiously bang on the Northwest's gate, demanding they honor their promise. However as rain began to pick up on the mountainside, an unforseen consequence of his labor occured adding injury to insult. With the trees gone, the soil surrounding the mansion was loosened and an enormous mudslide swept the lumberjack away. In the chaos, his axe was sent flying and pierced his head– killing him at the foot of the mansion he had built. With his dying breath the lumberjack swore a curse on the the Northwest family; if they hadn't kept their promise and let the common folk into there party within the next 150 years, he would return and wreak his vengeance on their ancestors.

Despite knowledge of the curse passing down through the Northwest family over generations, after 150 years the family still hadn't kept Nathaniel's promise, and thus the ghost returned to seek revenge. Upon the eve of the party, the lumberjack ghost he began trying to attack the family– attacking the Northwests with their possessions. Despite knowing how to break the curse, Preston Northwest instead forced his daughter Pacifica to trick Dipper Pines (then a minor local celebrity for his many victories over the forces of the macabre) into getting rid of the ghost in order to avoid justice. Shortly after Dipper arrived, the ghost finally manifested its real form and tried to kill Pacifica with his axe. However Dipper managed to save her and imprisoned the ghost inside a silver mirror.

However as Dipper was leaving, the ghost revealed his motivations behind attacking the family– and that Dipper was being used as a pawn just as he had in the past. Furious at the Northwests for their deception but knowing the ghost was to unstable to trust, Dipper began the exorcism process. However the ghost tricked Dipper into letting him look at the trees one last time. Drawing power from within the mirror the ghost used his flaming beard to heat up the mirror's metal frame, forcing Dipper to drop it. Upon hitting the ground the mirror shattered and released the ghost, allowing his revenge to be completed.

He then returned to the party and attacked everyone inside, bringing taxidermy animals to life and transforming the guests to wood. Once all the guests were turned to wood (described by the ghost as a "Forest of Death"), he then began the final step of his plan; to set the mansion and the "Forest" ablaze and burn everyone to death. Dipper tried to confront him, but this time the ghost overpowered and turned him into wood as well. However, spurred by Dipper's sacrifice, Pacifica defied her parents and opened the gates to mansion– finally letting commoners into the party for the first time in 150 years.

With Pacifica having finally fulfilled the promise of her ancestors, the curse was finally broken. The Lumberjack Ghost was overcome with joy as his work is finally done. Thanking Pacifica for doing the right thing, the Lumberjack Ghost happily passes away to a peaceful afterlife, saying that he feels 'lumber justice'. With the ghost gone, the guests and mansion were returned to normal.

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