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The Lucavi (ルカヴィ, Rukavi) are a group of demons based around the signs of the Zodiac and an antagonistic faction in Final Fantasy Tactics. Their primary goal seems to be to resurrect their master, Ultima, possessing the body of St. Ajora. Once that is done, they will have no need of auracite or the vessels they inhabit, as they'll be able to come and go as they please.

Hashmalum seems to be some sort of consigliere to Ultima, as he is the puppeteer for much of the game's action prior to her resurrection. The Lucavi are written to be the saviors of Ivalice, immortal, all-powerful gods, but as Ramza and his troupe travel through the game, they discover this is not the case. Ramza Beoulve runs afoul of the Lucavi by discovering what they are up to, and is forced to fight and defeat the Lucavi one by one. Fearsome though they may be, they are also mortal, and can be killed, especially since the writings say there were twelve originally, though after over a millennium, only seven remain (and a secret, optional boss). By the time he catches up to Hashmal he is dangerously close to reviving Ultima due to the countless bloodshed needed for the resurrection to work.

Hashmal succeeds by committing suicide to fulfill the ritual. Ramza battles Ultima who transforms into a skeletal monstrosity mid-battle. Ultima is destroyed, though the resulting explosion devastates the area, and it appears Ramza has perished as well, although Orran Durai briefly spots him afterward.


Demon Sign Element Host
Cuchulainin the Impure
Scorpio Poison Draclau
Alphonse Draclau
Belias the Gigas
Aries Fire Weigraf(Temple Knight)
Wiegraf Folles
Zalera the Angel of Death
Gemini Death Elmdor
Marquis Elmdor
Adramelech the Wrath
Capricorn Thunder Dycedarg
Dycedarg Beoulve
Hashmal the Regulator
Leo Earth Vormav
Vormav Tingel
Ultima the Bloody Angel
Virgo Holy Ajora(Alma)
Saint Ajora/Alma Beoulve
Zodiark the Keeper of the Precepts
Ophiuchus Dark Elibidis(Human)

The Zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces, do not have respective Lucavi Demons as far as we know. Either they were never sealed into Zodiac stones or were slain prior to the timeline of the game.


  • The Lucavi's name comes from the Russian word "lukavy" (лукавый) means "deceptive". It is commonly used as a euphemism for the Christian Devil. It is related to the Greek word "lykaugea", which means "twilight".

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