he Loveless are the boys that were brainwashed by Zundar because they were hit by his spikes. They become monsters after the brainwash.

The majority of them, have a name based on their transformation. His transformation is named "Phantom"

Kazutake Chiku

Is a student that according he, he doesn't qualify to be anything. So, he becomes a chikuwabu Phantom.

Wario Hashida

He hates when the hashi breaks and became asymmetric. He becomes a hashi Phantom.

Moteo Kurotori

He is a ballet dancer, but, no one went to his class. So, he becomes a swan Phantom.

Oyaji Igarao

Is a boy with a face of an adult man. So, he becomes a young boy Phantom.

Enkaku Sousa

He is ruled always by his parents, so, he becomes a remote control Phantom.

Ichiban Itsumo

He is a boy that scares other boys with his way of speakign. He become a screw Phantom.

Shou Komi

He is a boy that leads the college and only had relationships with the internet. He hates friendship, so, become a quilt Phantom.

Uriya Makuwa

He always various conclusions about anything, so, he become a Melon Phantom that knows about anything with only one conclusion.

Rui Megawa

He is a moe boy that is the most fluffy and cute boy of the college; he loves when the other people fight to protect him. But, when Yumoto (his best friend) becomes as cute as him, he becomes a Baseball bat Phantom.


He is the elder brother of Yumoto and becomes worried with him. He becomes an axeman Phantom.