Darkman... has failed me!
~ The Lord of the Fire, displeased with the Darkman's failures.

The Lord of the Fire is the main antagonist in the second season of the DVD cartoon series "The Story of the Stones" which was used in Austria in some schools for the English lesson. He turns out to be the master of the first antagonist, Darkman.


Centuries ago, the Lord of the Fire was a god-like being, who ruled the universe among to other lords, the Lord of the Earth and the Lord of the Winds. They ruled because of three stones which had the power of the entire universe: the Lord of the Earth had the green one, the Lord of the Winds had the blue one and the the Lord of the Fire had the orange one. Because he wanted all stones to become almighty, the Lord of the Fire made a belt which could carry all three stones. To get the other stones, the Lord of the Fire killed the other lords, but the stones got lost. But Sunborn, another supernatural being could save them. Because of his illness (he might have become ill by fighting the other lords), he couldn't get her by himself, so he sent Darkman.

During the series

He first appeared on a screen, showing only his red eyes, saying that he gives Darkman one last chance. His true form is shown when Sunborn told about the fight between the lords. When the stones are finally destroyed, he appears again, screaming and angry that Darkman failed him.