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Lizard King
What is here belongs to us! And any hero who crosses us will meet our wrath!
~ The Lizard King

The Lizard King is the main antagonist of the animated movie, Axel: the Biggest Little Hero. He is a giant robot lizard who rules over Lizard Valley with his army of mecha lizards and will destroy anyone who enters his domain, meaning Axel and his friends.

He is voiced by Matthew Lillard.


The Lizard King is first shown feeding oil to his mecha lizards, yelling at them for bringing him back the lollipop they stole from Jono. He orders them to go out and find Axel and Jono and kill them. Later in the movie, his mecha lizards kidnap the princess, Gaga, and brings her back to his lair. Axel, Jono, and their ostrich friend, Pootron, head out to rescue Gaga. They eventually find her, but then they run into the Lizard King and his mecha army. Axel and Gaga fight off the lizards but Jono is captured by the Lizard King and threatens to kill him unless Axel and the others surrender. Axel manages to break Jono and Gaga free from the Lizard King's grasp, but he still is not finished. He attempts to crush them, but Pootron stops him from crushing them with his foot. As the Lizard King attempts to crush Pootron, Axel tells Pootron to fart into the Lizard King's face. He does so, farting fire into his face and making him catch fire. He ends up slamming his arm onto the edge of the cliff, which then breaks and makes him fall straight down off the cliff and into the pit, most likely getting destroyed.


The Lizard King is a giant robot lizard with razor sharp teeth that has oil dripping from it. He always walks on his giant front arms because his back legs are too small.