The Legendary Giant Tyrant Triffid is a boss from the Data East videogame Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. He is a giant green man-eating plant, Grab a person or animal can eat.


He first appeared as the second boss and first mid- boss of the Caveman Ninja. In this game, he fired a seed to grow a small man-eating plant, or Attack by the stem or use attack patterns and eating a Joe or Mac. The Game Boy version was removed his trunks. Stem attacks who we only delete the two spit the seeds at a time instead. In the Super NES version, was deleted eating patterns gulp swallowed by mouth, Was devoted to the easiest boss becomes more simple attack pattern. The other version is almost similar to the first transplant from the arcade version and the version of the attack patterns.



  • One of the enemies and bosses that appear in the Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja series bear a close resemblance to the Piranha Plant, they are known as Tyrant Triffids in Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja, a mythical man-eating, seed-spitting plant similar to a giant Venus Fly-trap, with poisonous seeds which can prove fatal. Tyrant Triffids habitat on land all over the Ocean of Silurian, the mighty ruler of this ocean is the Legendary Giant Tyrant Triffid, one of the mighty rulers who rules a landmark.
  • As you can see that he heard the ambassador and his voice, it reveals he is a male plant with signs of intelligence.
  • The only boss in the hit motion as a normal attack from the arcade version, Joe & Mac could meet for the first time do not be surprised.
  • In "Tumble Pop" is a game created by Data East, but the race like that, The boss is a man-eating plant appeared with two heads.
  • Design is similar to Audrey II and shares a name with the Triffids from The Day of the Triffids