Ni! Ni! Ni!
~ The Knights Who Say Ni
We are the Knights who Say Ni! We are the keepers of the secret words: Ni, Peng and Ni Womb!
~ The Leader of the Knights who Say Ni introduces themselves to King Arthur of Britain and Sir Bedevere
You must return here with a shrubbery or else, you will never pass through this wood...alive!
~ The Leader of the Knights Who Say Ni to King Arthur of Britain and Sir Bedevere

The Knights Who Say Ni are supporting antagonists from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. King Arthur and Sir Bedevere encountered the knights who say Ni throught their quest for the Holy Grail.

Their leader was portrayed by Michael Palin.



The Leader of the Knights of Ni

As the name suggests, the Knights who say Ni are knights who say Ni and live in the forest. They say Ni to anyone they meet, and, comically, everyone is frightened of this. Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale. They are led by a larger knight, who is rather taller than anyone else (Approximatly 12 feet tall). Otherwise, they are of normal height. They also have a strange fascination for shrubberies, as they demand them for passage. If not, they will say Ni several times. They enjoy giving impossible assignments, such as "cutting down the largest tree with a herring!" However, they also have an unorthodox paranoia for the word "it". They also become devoted to the words ecki ecki ecki ptang zoowop. And of their trusty steeds can always be counted on! (Since they're imaginary and have "hoof" sounds via coconut shell clapping by fellow knights.)


When King Arthur and Sir Bedevere met the knights who say Ni, were assigned to find a shrubbery or else they would say Ni until they would. After doing so, they assigned them to find another shrubbery and to cut down the largest tree of the forest with a herring. They didn't manage to get the second shrubbery and to cut out the tree, but escaped the knights who say Ni when they got frightened by the word it.