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The King of the Quiet Place was a Creepypasta villain, appearing in the Creepypasta story Beau and the Quiet Place. The King was the ruler of the Quiet Place, apparently some sort of extra dimension. He had enslaved all its inhabitants and ruled through fear. He sought to crush any form of emotion and used sadness as his weapon. His goal was to rule the Quiet Place forever and in doing so make everyone miserable forever, but an inhabitant named Beau sought to challenge the King and end his rule. He did so by taking all the voices which the King had swallowed (thus making the inhabitants miserable) and Beau took all the voices out of the King and thus the King lost all his power and could not fight back. The incredibly weakened King was then overthrown, Beau became the new king, and the King was imprisoned in the deepest part of the Quiet Place.

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