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King of Ward Three
The King of Ward Three is the main antagonist of the 1995 novel Blindness and its 2008 film adaptation. The King is a former bartender who becomes affected by the "white blindness", an epidemic that renders the nation blind. The bartender, leading a clique of armed men, takes control of the deliveries of food and proclaims himself the self-titled King of Ward Three.

He is portrayed by Gael Garcia Bernal.


An ex-barman afflicted with the white blindness, the bartender was placed into quarantine, along with dozens of others affected by the epidemic. Challenging the authority of the Doctor, the bartender sself-proclaims himself the King of Ward Three. As society worsens, the King and his armed clique of men gain control over the sparse deliveries of food.

The King demands the valuables of the others in exchange for food, threatening death to those who protest. Even when he receives all of the valuables for himself, he dispenses very little food, leaving the other prisoners starving. Eventually, the King requests that the women be made into sex slaves for his gang in exchange for food. In desperation, several women volunteer and are gang-raped by the King's clique, with the King himself raping the Doctor's wife. The rape culminates in one woman being beaten to death. In spite of this, the King still allows the rape to continue. Infuriated, the Doctor's wife proceeds to murder the King with a pair of scissors.

After the King's death, a war erupted between the inmates that ended with the asylum being burnt down, allowing the survivors to set foot into society, which had been abandoned by the government.

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