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Killer Cleaner

The Killer Cleaner

The Killer Cleaner is the secondary antagonist of Johnny English Reborn and is notable for being the only member of Vortex who seems to be still active even at the end of the film.

Taking the form of a seemingly harmless Chinese woman the Killer Cleaner is in fact a highly dangerous and extremely talented assassin with a wealth of advanced weapons disguised as cleaning equipment - taking orders from Vortex she exists to kill and will pursue her prey relentlessly.

Throughout the movie the Killer Cleaner is seen and gets into conflict with Johnny and his allies, with ever-more elaborate weaponry being shown in her arsenal as she tries to kill Johnny as well as other targets Vortex want dead.

Johnny was in the Clock Tower, but the Killer Cleaner threatens English but the royal guards captured her in the end of the film.