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The Killer is the main antagonist of the reality show, Whodunnit? Although he/she did not commit the crimes directly, most events happening around Rue Manor can be attributed to his/her work. As a fair-play game, we the audience don't know his/her identity until the reveal in finale.


The Killer usually starts a new day with a Rube Goldberg-style death trap set somewhere around the manor. When the poor victim is in sight, he/she unknowingly starts off a chain of events that eventually results in his/her demise. The next job for The Killer to do is to quietly pass the exam given after "stating the case", or if wanting to distract other contestants, he/she can earn him/herself a "Scared" card by pretending to fail the test, since he/she knows he'll/she'll be in the final 3 anyway. After that, he/she can sit tight in the dining room, waiting for Giles to deliver the name of his/her next victim.

The Killer's Identity

Season 1

Main article: Cris Crotz

The first season finale revealed the killer to be Cris all along. She "tanked Sheri, flamed Dontae out, blew Adrianna up, got Don mauled, let Ulysses bite the dust, drained Sasha and Dana, induced Geno's headache, blasted Ronnie, choked Melina and finally silenced Lindsey for good". She was eventually discovered by Kam and she congratulated him for solving the mystery and deliberately had herself cuffed by Kam with an iconic golden cuffs and she got taken away into custody.

Murder In Mystery Mansion

The killer's identity in the novel, Murder In Mystery Mansion was revealed to be Jacqueline Bossart. She shot David, hung Emily, poisoned Frank, orchestrated a car crash that killed Sophie and Parker, froze Guadalupe, fed Darrel to the sharks and shot Thomas. She was eventually caught by Bryce and was sent to prison.

Murder On Mystery Island

The killer's identity in the second novel, Murder On Mystery Island was revealed to be Whitney Nielson. She blew up Jordan, set up a death trap for Aaron, drugged Kyle and Tiffany, poisoned Charlene, choked Jessica, axed Todd, decapitated Gary, and poisoned Cathy. Just as she was about to kill Cliff, Giles snuck up behind her and impaled her head with a compressed air rod (the same weapon that she used to kill Jordan), causing her head to inflate and eventually explode, killing her instantly, making her the only killer to die at the story's end.