The Killer is an unnamed serial killer and the main antagonist of Within Temptation's music video for their song Angels.

The killer is a demon who takes on many disguises in order to gain the trust of his victims. His first five of these disguises were a cop, a construction worker, a clown, and a doctor. He seemed to be a misogynist, considering he only targeted women. He'd follow them and lure them to his house where he'd knock them out with chloroform and take them to the desert to bury them alive. He killed at least 16 women.

His last victim was a young woman (played by the band's lead singer, Sharon den Adel) who was seemingly abandoned by a friend of hers on the side of the road. He drives over and invites her into his car while under the guise of a priest. He takes her to his house and when he goes to another room to get the chloroform, she goes into his bedroom and finds newspaper clippings describing the missing appearances of all the women he killed. He then chloroforms her from behind and takes her to the desert where he buried all of his other victims. However, before he can do so, the woman awakens to find other angels, including the man that abandoned her on the road (all of whom are played by the rest of the band members), approaching them, and then she reveals herself as an angel-and that she was abandoned on the side of the road as bait for him. As the angels corner him, all the spirits of the women he murdered come out from the ground and kill him.