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The Kid is a minor villain in the 1994 Stephen King Horror Thriller, The Stand.

He's a thug from Shreveport, Louisiana, who meets the Trashcan Man during the journey to Las Vegas. The character drives an enhanced hot rod-style vehicle and has an addicted love of Coors beer and Rebel Yell whiskey. The Kid is also ambitious, crazy, and easily angry, traits that Trashcan Man discovers when the character nearly kills him for spilling a can of beer on carpet. After becoming severely intoxicated on alcohol, The Kid forces Trashcan Man to give him a handjob while he concurrently sodomises Trashcan Man with a pistol. The Kid and Trashcan Man travel together until they reach the permanently blocked Eisenhower Tunnel. After yet another threat to the Trashcan Man's life, in addition to a threat to overthrow the Dark Man, The Kid becomes trapped in a car surrounded by wolves that have been sent by Randall Flagg. The Kid survives for several days until, facing starvation, he attempts to escape from the car and subsequently loses his fight to the wolves, strangling one as he dies. The Kids' body is later found by Stuart Redman, Larry Underwood, Glen Bateman, and Ralph Brentner, and Underwood coins the name "the Wolfman." In the original edition, The Kid appeared as a minor character and was only ever seen in Trashcan Man’s flashbacks; the revised–extended edition includes the full story of The Kid's encounter with Trashcan Man.

The Kid does not appear in the miniseries, nor is he mentioned.