The Kid is an antagonist in the horror film 28 Days Later. This boy lived on a petrol station outside London but got Infected with the Rage Virus in the 28 days of the Outbreak.

Some fans equate the kid with the young boy seen in the opening on a poster whose parents were killed by The Infected. The kid himself got Infected and killed his whole family.

Then he waited in the diner for more victims and when Jim arrived, he waited for him to call "Hello?" and then the kid jumped down, running silently at Jim, but Jim heard him and whirled round, knocking the kid to the floor with his bat. He tried to get a hold of the writhing kid and put his shoe on him, restraining him. The kid screamed angrily at Jim, (according to some, he actually says "I hate you" but this was confirmed to be an error, leaving this debatable) and then Jim beats the kid to death with his bat before the kid can kill him.