God has nothing to do with this, Judith. Actually, let's scratch the word 'God' from our lexicon altogether. Let's talk demons instead.
~ The Kid
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The Kid was the main antagonist of the first Demonic Toys film, who used the titular band of demons to cause havoc in the world with the aim of becoming human himself.

Role in the Film

The Kid could take any form he pleased but in order to achieve his goal of becoming human he had to impregnate a human female so as to enter her body and steal the soul of her unborn baby, replacing it with himself. Among the many supernatural powers he seems to possess are conjuring objects, shapeshifting, illusion casting, telepathy, and bestowing life. He demonstrates the ability to take any form he desires, though he generally chooses to appear as a young boy. He is, however, distinguished by his deep metallic voice, striking green eyes, and sharp yellow claws. In the first film, he explains that he's trapped in another plane resembling a doll house. As a demon he feeds on the fear, pain, and death of humans. The Kid attempted several times to do just this, while also torturing and killing anyone that got in his way (with help from the Toys) - in the end The Kid is killed and sent back to Hell.

Demonic Toys

He has brought a number of toys to life to serve him including: