The Janitor is one of the antagonists in a web series Kraków The Series.


The Janitor got build by some man to kill everyone who either has some fetish, likes anime, manga or is a furry. He moved to Cracov to start his purge, but got killed by Caleb who threw him inside a giant incenerator, seemingly ending the evil drone's life. In the future episode, he was going to come back as a large robot made out of scrap metal with the HEMMT truck as a body, after getting resurrected by one of Captain Iglo's scientists. He was going to be thrown into a bath of acid by Caleb and killed forever. Due to the series' cancellation, the episode never came into being fully made so its officially assumed that The Janitor died in the fire.


The Janitor was a slightly oversized HEMMT truck with two claws.