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The Jackal is the titular main antagonist in the 1973 political action thriller film The Day of the Jackal and tits 1997 remake The Jackal. He was a megalomaniac mass murderer and assassin for the IRA (Irish Republican Army).

He was portrayed by Edward Fox in the 1973 film and Bruce Willis in the 1997 film.


The Jackal is an unnamed assassin and a master of disguise, who goes under many aliases. He is hired by an Azerbaijani mobster to kill the First Lady of the United States but comes into conflict with an old adversary an Irish Republican Army sniper named Declan Mulqueen.

Mulqueen had once had a relationship with a woman named Isabella Zanconia who is believed to be able to identify the Jackal, and Mulqueen helps the FBI track him down (after Mulqueen himself reveals that he has met the Jackal in the past).

After the Jackal kills several people and successfully avoids Mulqueen and the authorities, he disguises himself as a policeman during the First Lady's speech and uses a Gatling gun hidden in a van to try and assassinate her. Mulqueen prevents the attack and the Jackal escapes into the subway, prompting Mulqueen to give chase.

The Jackal grabs a woman on the station and holds her hostage, but Isabella appears and shoots him in the neck. Isabella and Mulqueen then embrace, but the Jackal, still alive, reaches for a hidden gun and aims it at them. Mulqueen notices this and fires at him numerous times, putting an end to the Jackal for good.


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