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Hoo-yeah! Hoo-yeah!
~ The Jack 'Em Up Kid's catchphrase.

The Jack 'Em Up Kid is the wrestling alter-ego of Homestar Runner. He appears in Sbemail #183: yes, wrestling. He is a spoof of famous wrestlers and a part of All World Mid-Pro Shirtless Championship Entertainment (AWMPSCE).


Fizzleweight Champion

The Jack 'Em Up Kid was the current Fizzleweight belt holder after defeating his opponent for AWMPSCE.


The Jack 'Em Up Kid and his imaginary tag-team partner Gary the Legend planned to defeat both Strong Bad and Strong Mad as the Faceprint Connection.

Strong Bad's Folding Chair Dungeon

The Jack 'Em Up Kid was the at least second guest for Strong Bad's in-ring interview segment.


  • "Hoo-yeah!"
  • "What you gone did when you get jacked up by the Jack 'Em Up Kid?"