The Intruder is an unknown thief that breaks into the home of two people called Scott and Sarah. He is the main antagonist in the game Intruder. 



In the game, the Intruder is seen breaking into someone's home and the unseen unknown protagonist (possibly a neighbor) is seen going to the rescue. In game the Intruder has broken into the house and is at the front of the house making the player having to go in the back door. He is never fully sean being covered in the darkness of the house and is only identified by his white eyes. He seems to be easily fooled by animal sounds as if the player chooses to make a cat noise when they enter the laundry room upon knocking over a can of cat food, the Intruder will walk away. The Intruder soon searches upstairs and at one point Scott is seen dead with a slit throat. He only carries around a knife and at one point the main character shoots and allegedly kills him by shooting him in the head. After an incident with Sarah, the only survivor in the house, he is seen at the end surviving the head shot and proceeds to finish what he started.


He is never fully sean until the end of the game as he is covered in shadows even after the lights are turned back on. At the end however is face is revealed and he appears to have a black beard and big eyebrows. He also wears a trenchcoat.


  • When famous Youtuber Markiplier played the game he refered to the Intruder as the Crazed Butt Stabber and his weakness was his butt as it Mark's theory since in the game the intruder survives being shot in the head.
  • The bullets themselves appeared in the game to be blanks so it could be possible that the blanks were the reason the thief survived.