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Mankind redefined.
~ The Institute's official motto.

The Institute is a secret organization in the Commonwealth. Depending on the decisions of the player, they are possibly the primary antagonists of Fallout 4.

Not much is known about the Institute. The common people of the Commonwealth fear them, believing that the Institute will kidnap people and swap them with Institute synths which look just like humans. During his search for his son Shaun, the Sole Survivor comes into contact with the organization.



  • The Institute's logo is based on artist Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawings and strongly resembles a synth during production.
  • The Institute is mentioned in Fallout 3 in the quest "The Replicated Man", and in Fallout: New Vegas in Mr. House's obituary. In Fallout 4, the Institute makes a full appearance as one of the major factions in the Fallout universe.

Inside the Robotics section it appears the synths are being constantly created. In fact, it is the same synth with same RefID being "Created" over and over again.

  • After becoming the Director, various members of the Institute will remark on how the Player should approve of new politics, make some reforms and reconsider priorities. However, none of those are available in the game and at best suggest what the player character will be doing in the future.
  • Fast traveling to and from the Institute will pass only one minute of in-game time regardless of distance traveled. In addition, a teleport effect will play on arrival.
    • This can be used to fast travel anywhere on the map with only 2 minutes passing in-game, by going to the Institute before the player's actual destination.
    • It should be noted that teleportation works differently in Survival mode: the player can fast-travel out of the Institute, but only to the C.I.T. ruins. However, they can teleport to the Institute no matter where they are.
  • For every Institute member killed by the player in the Institute, 2 Synth guards will spawn in the relay room. This can result in over 80 Synth guards spawning in said room, if the player clears the entire main area of NPCs.

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