The Hotel Manager is a villain from the final season of the 1994 animated series The Tick by Ben Edlund. 

Acts of villainy

The Hotel Manager hails from the year 101,991 A.D. as a member of a more evolved descendant of the modern human race. He enslaves Australopithicenes and Arthur to work in his hotel, serving time travelers from the future. He treats the ancient hominids very harshly. He also has his bell-bot henchmen kill and cook the ancient animals. He forces his slaves to work fifteen hours a day under threat of torture from his robots. After Arthur defends the abused staff, the manager orders him to teach them how to be proper waiters, under the threat of death and being served to the guests as food. He does not find this threat to be barbaric or cannibalistic because he feels that Arthur is no better than an unevolved animal. The Tick ends up being lead to the hotel by one of the bell-bots whom he saves from an ancient bear. The Tick reveals himself to the staff, and the Hotel Manager sets him up to teleport different body parts of his to different points in history, tearing him to pieces in the process. He successfully sends the Tick's head to the 1950's, but Arthur stages a workers revolution and sends the manager back to the Big Bang, where he presumably dies.