You've seen it too... you've got something of the Wolf inside you!
~ The Host to Rose Tyler.
Aaaah, moonlight!
~ The Host's last words before he transforms into a wolf.

The Host was the main antagonist of the Doctor Who episode Tooth & Claw, with Father Angelo being the main human/secondary antagonist. The Host was played by Tom Smith. This Host had been selected by Father Angelo, as the legend said, every few years, a young boy went missing from his home. The Host was one such boy.


Many decades ago, a Haemovari spaceship (misread as a shooting star or meteor) crashed in Scotland, and Father Angelo immediately saw the god-like abilities of the Haemovari which emerged. Haemovari are alien life forms which look like wolves, and can possess a human, sitting in their hearts, and transform upon the full Moon. Haemovari were worshipped by Father Angelo, and used host after host of human boys, before selecting this current Host.


The Host as a werewolf.

In Victorian Scotland, The Brethren took the boy away from his homestead in the night and allowed him to be bitten by the Lupine Wavelength Haemovari from they worshipped. He became infected by the Haemovari form that carved out his soul and sat in his heart. The Host was given all-black eyes and was centirely controlled by the Haemovari from, which could access the Host's memories and use some basic telepathy. Every full moon, he would transform into a true Haemovari from. The real boy was long dead.

When the Tenth Doctor used the Torchwood House telescope to destroy the Haemovari from, the Host began to live again. He asked the Doctor to increase the effect and destroy him, which he did. The Host died sacrificing his life to save the world.