The Hooligans Who Love Candles are the secondary villains of the Adventure Time episode "Blade of Grass". They were robbing candles from Suzy and Sue's Candle shop.

Appearance and Personality

The hooligans have green skin and dress like punks. They wear indications of their interest in candles, like candle T-shirts and candle tattoos, and wield candles as weapons. They also have an interesting variety of hairstyles (mohawks, cowlicks, spiked hair, a pompadour) that Finn ultimately cuts off with the grass blade.

You cut off my hair!

After Finn beat them.

The hooligans will do evil to facilitate their candle-love, as demonstrated by their choice to rob the elderly and defenseless Suzy and Sue's Candle Shop. They are belligerent, and when Finn attacks them, they fight back effectively. However, after Finn cuts off their hair, they run away screaming.