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The Hood is a mastermind from the Thunderbirds in TV shows & movies & the main antagonist againest the Tracys & the Kyranos.



Full Name
The Hood
The Hood
Half Brother of the Kryanos
Sabotaging the Thunderbirds
Destroy the Thunderbirds & the Space Program to have power
Type of villain

TV series

Feared as the world's dangerous man, The Hood (so named because of his many disguises), is the half brother of Kyrano and wields an uncanny supernatural power over him. Unlike his brother, he is massive in stature and his main aim in life is the acquisition of wealth regardless of justice and ethics. His primary target is International Rescue, as the plans of their amazing high tech vehicles and machines could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Operating from his hidden temple deep in the heart of the Malaysian jungle, the Hood has successfully eluded capture by the world's security forces for a great many years. Ruthless and calculating beyond comprehension, he uses mystical powers steeped in voodoo and black magic allowing nothing to get in the way of his evil objectives.

The Hood's precise origins are unknown. While it is known that he is the half-brother of Kyrano, the precise details of their relationship- such as which parent they share or which of them is the elder- remain a mystery, as do the origin of his mysterious hypnotic powers. Even his real name remains a mystery; throughout the entire TV series, he was only ever referred to as 'Agent Seven-Nine', and even that was only on one occasion when he was in contact with the equally mysterious 'General X'. Even the name "The Hood" is never used in the TV series - it was revealed in spin-off media, promotional materials, etc.


In the live-action film Thunderbirds, where he was portrayed by Ben Kingsley, the Hood's actions against International Rescue were far more direct; having tracked them to Tracy Island, he trapped Jeff Tracy and the four eldest brothers on Thunderbird 5 with a missile attack, subsequently proceeding to steal Thunderbird 2 and the Mole and use them in an attempt to rob the Bank of England. The nature of his powers also changed; while he no longer appeared to possess his hypnotic powers, he now possessed powerful telekinetic abilities, although over-use of this power weakened him.

It was revealed during the film that these powers apparently activated after the Hood was left for dead during one of International Rescue's first missions; the Hood accuses Jeff Tracy of leaving him to die, but Jeff later tells Alan that, at the time, he left the Hood because he could see no way to save him that wouldn't kill them both. Despite what the Hood had done to him and his family, however, when faced with the chance to let the Hood fall into the Mole's drilling mechanisms, Alan instead saved him when the Hood was weakened by over-use of his powers, subsequently allowing him to be captured.

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