Thanks for the ride lady.
~ The HitchHiker
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The HitchHiker.

Like Old Chief Wooden Head, The HitchHiker is the title character and major villain in Creepshow 2's third and final story.

As Annie Lansing drives by in her car, she accidentally kills a hitchhiker and speeds off. Miles away from the scene, the hitchiker Annie killed suddenly appears waving her down, appears outside her window and utters, Thanks for the ride lady (the hitchhiker's repeated line)

The frightened Annie speeds off in terror, but everywhere she goes, the hitchhiker always reappears and becomes her pursuer and tormenter throughout the trip, as she repeatedly runs him over, shoots him, hurls him off the top of her car, slams him into trees, etc. as he only gets more and more battered and bloody without dying. Annie eventaully loses control of her car, she drives into a tree, knocking herself out. She wakes up a while later and thinks the trip was only a dream. Annie finally makes it home before her husband. As she is about to step out, the hitchhiker appears from under her car, completely mangled from the trip, still uttering thanks for the ride lady. The hitchhiker attacks Annie as she vainly and repeatedly tries to fight him off. Later, Annie's husband arrives home and finds his wife, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning caused from the still running car with the hitchhiker's sign showing his targeted destination (DOVER). The hitchhiker's fate is unknown.