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The Hidden

Abigor, Gressil and Wallow are The Hidden.

The Hidden are element-based demonic angels that hides in the very elements that they also control. They are the tertiary antagonists who join forces with Blackheart in the live action movie Ghost Rider.


The demonic beings known as The Hidden according to the Caretaker (Carter Slade), were fallen angels cast down from Heaven after their battle with the archangel Michael and his fellow heavenly warriors. They all hide within the elements that creates life and brings destruction. They wait for the End of Days.

The only known members of the Hidden are Abigor (the Demon of Wind), Gressil (the Demon of Earth), and Wallow (the Demon of Water).

Centuries later, the Hidden were then disturbed and yet joined forces with Blackheart in his acquisition of the Contract of San Venganza and its power to create a new Hell on Earth. They were later stopped and fought by the Ghostrider. Each of the Hidden attacked the Ghost Rider with all of their dark powers and deadly proweress, but Ghost Rider managed to best their attacks and defeated them all before facing Blackheart.

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