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The Heys are an evil alien race from the 1994 animated series , The Tick. They closely resemble Arthur, but their entire vocabulary is restricted to the word "Hey" spoken in various intonations. 

Hey hey

The Hey were a nihilistic race of aliens who planned to destroy the universe by aiming one black hole into another, causing them both to create a chain reaction that would turn the universe into one giant black hole. When they realize that the Tick and Arthur have been recruited by the peace loving Whats to stop them, they capture the Tick and proceed to torture and interrogate him. Because they are unable to communicate with the Tick, they manage to glean no useful information from him about the What's plan to stop them. They decide to kill the Tick with their ultimate weapon, the Infinity ball. The Tick is able to defeat the Infinity ball fairly easily, and he stops the Heys. They are not seen again in the series.

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