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The Hand is the true antagonist of Legend of Kyrandia: Book 2 - the sequel of Legend of Kyrandia: replacing Malcolm as the primary antagonist of the story.


The Hand is a giant disembodied glove, rumored to have once been part of a giant sorcerer in ancient times, however by the time of the story The Hand was fully independent and formulated an evil scheme to send the hero of the story on many perilous adventurers in order to usurp his former master and spread evil across the world.

Eventually The Hand confronts the hero when she comes across an ancient machine that controls the world itself - the machine has had one of its gears removed and was slowly destroying everything, as she fixed the machine The Hand decided to end her interference personally.

The Hand engaged her in a battle, having tied up its former master, Marko, beforehand but is defeated when Marko manages to escape his bonds and throws the evil glove into the gears of the machine, which begin turning again and shred the glove to shreds.