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I told you, man, you ain't the one.
~ The Guardian telling Jack that he's not the right person to enter the time portal
For countless eons I have guarded this magical power of time travel. *All* have been denied, from the mightiest of giants, to the tiniest of warriors.

You see samurai, only one man has been prophesized to defeat me. And that man is the only man who can use this time passage. And you, my man... ain't that man.

~ The Guardian

The Guardian is an anti-villain of the 2001 animated series, Samurai Jack. Like the Minions of Set, He is a being more powerful than even Jack has ever faced, who guards the time portal. He appears in Episode XXXII: Jack and the Travelling Creatures, and is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. The Guardian is a tall, bald, muscular man with blue skin and red circular glasses. He is incredibly confident in his own strength and skill and loves the thrill of combat. The Guardian's appearance is significant mainly because the episode he takes part in makes it known that Jack's eventual return to the past is inevitable some time in the beyond the end of the series or even the series finale in 2017.

He appears to eat metal, making him able to feast on the remains of the warriors he previously killed while remaining at the time portal to protect it at all times. The Guardian is extremely dutiful to his duties of protecting the time portal. He will only let the one warrior prophesied to defeat him use it. He does seem to have a sense of mercy. Even though Jack ruined his favorite suit he offered to let him live if he gave up his desire to use the time portal if he valued his life. Upon the time portal telling him to spare Jack since he is the prophesied warrior to defeat him, he spared his life and patiently awaits the day Jack returns to defeat him in one-on-one combat.


The Guardian is one of the strongest opponoments Jack has come across to. He is completely immune to pain, making him tough to shake down. Despite his unability to feel pain, The Guardian is still capable of feeling anger, like when Jack ruined his suit. In his own words, the Guardian has been guarding the time portal for "countless eons", and has denied (defeated) everyone who came as only one person has been prophesied to defeat him and gain access to the time portal. Being one of the few characters to have easily defeated Jack without much effort, he appears to be at the same strength as the Minions of Set

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