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The Grimhold
The Grimhold
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The Grimhold is an inescapable prison that resembles a nesting doll and one of the many magical items in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It has a total of four layers, each designed to capture one person. However, the innermost layer holds two people, Morgana le Fay and Veronica Gorloisen.

Morgana was the first person to be locked in the Grimhold. Every evil spellcaster after her was trapped in the doll trying to release Morgana so she can complete a spell known as The Rising, an accursed magic ceremony that will rise all the evil sorcerers from beyond the grave, and create a perfect army for Morgana to subjugate mortal humans and conquer the Earth.

The contents of the Grimhold are as follows (starting from the innermost layer):

Layer 1: Morgana le Fay and Veronica Gorloisen

Layer 2: Abigail Williams

Layer 3: Sun Lok

Layer 4: Maxim Horvath


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