The Griever is one of the Destroyer's Chosen and a boss from Darksiders.


After Samael attempted to rebel against the Destroyer and was imprisoned, the Chosen were tasked with preventing his return to power. The only way he could get his powers back was if he devoured each of the Chosen's hearts. After Samael was freed by War so as to find way into the Destroyer's fortress, he was sent to get the hearts of the Chosen. When he was sent to get the Griever, Ulthane opened the way into the Hollows for the horseman where she and her monstrous insect pets, "The Swarm", made their home. War confronted the insect demon quickly and fought her with a redeemer cannon he obtained from some slain angels. He managed to make the Griever retreat and began pursuing her throughout the Hollows, finding the Tremor Gauntlet in the process. War confronted her again and this time, succeeded in killing her with a combination of the Tremor Gauntlet and a train cart. He then tore out the Griever's heart and brought it to Samael.


The Griever has the physical abilities typical of a giant monster, proving strong enough to cause a small earthquake, and is able to fire a powerful laser beam from her forehead. She can also summon the Swarm, but has a bulbous weakpoint on her lower body, which is covered by crystal that must be destroyed to access it.


  • The Hollows, where the Griever lives, is an abandoned subway system.