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"The Greek" is a mysterious international crime lord who is in control of a vast criminal organization involved in smuggling, human trafficking and drug distribution. "The Greek" and his gang of criminals operate mainly from the Baltimore docks bringing in merchandise such as drugs, weapons, liquor and women to be sold into prostitution. He serves as a major antagonist in the HBO series The Wire along with his right-hand man Spiros Vondas.


Season 2

The Greek began to draw police attention in Baltimore when his contact at the docks, which was Union leader Frank Sobotka, became the target of an investigation. At the same time a container of thirteen dead young women intended for the sex trade was discovered at the docks, triggering a high-profile homicide investigation. The container belonged to The Greek and the girls were killed by a crewman on board the vessel that had delivered them. The ship's crew had been paying the girls for sex and when one of the girls refused, she was killed. The crewman responsible dumped her overboard and collapsed the air pipe to kill the remaining women. The Greek had his main enforcers Sergei and Eton track the crewman down The Greek then interrogated him personally, and watched as he had Vondas cut the man's throat.

As the investigation continued the police were able to link Eton and Sergei to the drug smuggling operation. When police began tracking containers as they left the port, The Greek and Vondas began to close down the operation temporarily by dumping their cell phones and stealing "clean" containers. Persuading Sobotka to keep the smuggling operation going he bought further protection from an F.B.I Agent named Koutris by informing on a load of Colombian cocaine, giving him time to destroy any incriminating evidence.

The Greek recognized that the investigation was too extensive to stop and made plans to leave, sending Vondas to assure Proposition Joe that supply of drugs would continue albeit with new faces. He attempted to buy Sobotka's silence with promised legal aid for his son, who had been chargefd with murder, but when he learned from Koutris that Frank was planning to turn informant he then had the unfortunate the union man killed. Although Frank's nephew Nick Sobotka was able to identify The Greek in a photo and Sergei was pressured to give up the location of his hotel suite, Vondas and The Greek had already boarded a flight to Chicago. Aware that The Greek and Vondas were gone, the Major Crimes Unit left the investigation behind and moved on to the drug dealers he supplied.

Season 4

The Greek makes a brief appearance in season 4 as he over sees a meeting between drug Kingpin Marlo Stanfield and Vondas, revealing both men returned to Baltimore after the MCU's investigation concluded. The Greek's influence is still seen through out the season as drug lord Proposition Joe is still getting his heroine straight from Vondas and his people. Eventually The Greek's drug shipment catches the eye of stick up man Omar Little, who eventually robs the shipment off of The Greek's and Joe's people.

Season 5

Marlo once again, with the aid of former Greek soldier Sergei Malatov, meets with Vondas, and attempts to sell himself as an insurance policy for the Greeks, implying that if something were to happen to Proposition Joe, they would need another agent they could do business with. While Vondas believes that all that matters is that the Greeks already have a secure relationship with someone they trust, The Greek states that Marlo makes a valid point that it is wise to have an insurance policy in volatile times, implicitly telling Marlo that if he moves on Joe, they will not stop him. After Marlo leaves, Vondas and the Greek seem resigned to Joe's demise and to initiating a new business relationship with Marlo, believing that Joe's time has come, and that Marlo's tenacity and ambition will not allow him to accept the Greeks' rejection of his business overtures.

After Marlo has Proposition Joe murdered, he received the blessing of Vondas to be Joe's replacement as agent between Vondas' drug shipments and the New Day Co-op's drug distribution activities.

Later, Stanfield's first re-supply with the Greeks is busted by the Major Crimes Unit, and as part of a deal with the State's Attorney's office, Stanfield is forced to retire from his life of crime. To set himself up for life, Stanfield sells the connection to the Greeks to whoever can pay him ten million dollars. In the series finale, Vondas is seen meeting with Fat Face Rick and Slim Charles at Little Johnny's Diner. They are discussing the new business arrangement while The Greek quietly listens in the background.

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