MORE!! MORE!! MORE!! Lay more eggs!! MORE!!!
~ The Greedy Giant ordering his chicken "Chick-Chick" to lay more eggs.

The Greedy Giant is the main antagonist of the 1951 Popeye episode "Let's Stalk Spinach", which is a parody of Jack and the Beanstalk.


The Greedy Giant was a giant who lived in a giant red castle on top of "Ceiling Zero" when Popeye was a kid (because the majority of the episode is a flashback told by Popeye about how spinach saved him, to encourage his picky eating nephews to eat their spinach during their picnic). He depends on his chicken "Chick-Chick" to lay eggs to keep him rich, even if it kills the poor chicken. Popeye has had enough of the Greedy Giant torturing Chick-Chick and steps in to say to the "Big Hunk Of Blubber" to pick on someone his own size, the Greedy Giant simply picked him up and blew him away with his breath, not knowing Popeye landed into the can of spinach that he bought from the Eskimo in "Best Prices For Used Cars: The Smiling Eskimo". Popeye regains consciousness and indirectly eats the spinach he landed into. He notices that he is growing chest hairs and asks himself "What could it be?". He looks down at the can's label, and it said "Spinach". Once he found that out, he began eating a lot of it to gain great strength. He faces the Greedy Giant a second time, but now Popeye is the one winning. Sometime between their fight, Popeye frees Chick-Chick, but Popeye gets grabbed by the Greedy Giant and he attemps to sqeeze Popye to death. Fortunately for Popeye, he was able to break free with his strength, then he grabs the Greedy Giant's right thumb, twirled him a few times, then sent him crashing out of his red castle, and finally, he landed on the Earth with an explosion. The nephews were finally eating their spinach, then the severly injured giant crawls out of the place he landed on years ago, telling the nephews what spinach did to him. This made the nephews love spinach.