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The GreedCo CEO is a small, 90 year old devil. He hates all children, who he torments with Yang's advertising, until defeated by him. He is mentioned in "The Howl of the Weenie" where Eradicus was late to play golf with him. He creates toys to kill children as he used yang to sell these toys. In the episode "This Yang Hasn't Brought to You By...", he diguised himself as a kid to convince Yang to "do the right thing", which meant to him, selling more dangerous toys when Yin told Yang to stop. Unfortunately for Yang, he misunderstood the meaning of what he said and stopped selling the toys. This upsetted him and he turned back into devil, attacking Yin and Yang with his huge monster truck. He was defeated by Yin ang Yang's Woo Foo Aura.


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